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Top 10 Exam Tips for Humanities Students

Embarking on a humanities degree offers a unique blend of analytical thinking, cultural insights, and historical context. While distinct from other disciplines, humanities exams and coursework demand their own set of preparation strategies. Here’s a guide tailored for humanities students: 1. Diverse Reading is Key: Instead of focusing solely on textbooks, delve into newspapers, classic […]

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Going for your first degree? Try these 10 tips to get the most out of your exams

Navigating the academic challenges of university while pursuing your first degree is a life-changing experience. With a broader scope and higher expectations than high school, university life demands a unique set of strategies to excel in exams. Here’s a tailored guide for all university students, irrespective of their majors: 1. Maximize University Resources: Your university

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Behavioural Scientist

Behavioural Scientist Behavioural science is the study of how humans really behave, as opposed to how we expect them to behave. It is an evidence-based approach to understanding what people really do, and why, to improve our ability to predict how they might behave under particular circumstances and so design programmes and strategies to enhance

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Setting Goals

Whether you are still at school and contemplating your future career, already enrolled in tertiary education, or have already graduated, setting goals for your life will contribute enormously to your success.

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CV Tips

If you’re entering your final year of study, and plan to enter the world of work next year, the sooner you start your application process the better. Your first CV can get you a foot in the door with your first-choice employers, so make sure it’s a showcase of everything that makes you awesome.

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