Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods

FirstRand Quant and Data Analytics Programme 2025

Applications for the 2025 FirstRand Quant and Data Analytics Programme are open! FirstRand selects exceptional students for a two-year Quant and Analytics Graduate programme that provide practical and immersive participation in the complex but exciting world of financial services. This two-year development programme for quant/data analytics graduates includes exposure to all of the group’s businesses. Self-starters who […]

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Sanlam Investments Group: 2025 Graduate Programme

Be the Impact! Choose a career built on purpose! Imagine being the driving force behind a future where people, communities, and the planet thrive. Our graduate programme is your perfect starting point. Your role in action as a SI graduate: Collaborate with senior analysts to conduct thorough research and analysis of companies, industries, and market

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Financial Portfolio Manager

Financial Portfolio Manager Portfolio managers implement and monitor investment strategies for clients. Clients may be individuals, trusts, pension funds, foundations, or corporates amongst others.  They provide guidance in the process of determining each client’s goals, risk appetite, tax constraints and liquidity requirements. Finally, Portfolio Manager’s will devise and implement investment strategies and processes to meet

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Behavioural Scientist

Behavioural Scientist Behavioural science is the study of how humans really behave, as opposed to how we expect them to behave. It is an evidence-based approach to understanding what people really do, and why, to improve our ability to predict how they might behave under particular circumstances and so design programmes and strategies to enhance

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Big Data Analyst

Big Data Analyst A Big Data Analyst or Functional Analyst uses their ability to focus on details and patterns to analyse big data and models. They provide reports and visualizations to demonstrate insights that can be drawn from raw data, they inform decisions, and use mathematical modelling techniques to solve problems in financial markets. This

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Data Scientist

Data Scientist A Data Scientist can also be known as a Quantitative Analyst, Advanced Analyst or Financial Engineer. The Data Scientist is a mathematician, a statistician, a computer scientist and a trend-spotter. Their models are used by organisations to make decisions about risk management, investment and pricing. They capture and analyse new sources of data,

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Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analyst The Quantitative Analyst, or “Quant”, works in the financial field and aims to reduce risk, while generating profits.They do this by developing and implementing complex mathematical and computer models which help to predict, among other things, changes in markets, potential market risks and pricing. What is Quantitative Analyst? The Quantitative Analyst, or “Quant”,

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Business Analyst

Business Analyst A Business Analyst is, at its most simple definition, a data-driven decision maker. They bridge the gap between IT and the rest of the business, making use of data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders. What is a Business Analyst? A Business Analyst

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