Nedbank is vision-led and values driven. More than anything we know that how we achieve our vision is just as important as what we achieve. Our vision To be the most admired financial services provider in Africa by our staff, clients, shareholders, regulators and society. Our vision statement implies that: We will continue to build our franchise in South Africa, while expanding into the rest of Africa. Our strategic focus areas provide more insight into our progress and outlook We want to be most admired by our stakeholders. Without passionate and motivated staff members we will not be able to attract and retain the clients that are key to the delivery of sustainable profits for our shareholders. As a bank we operate in a regulated environment and we aim to be admired by our regulators. Lastly, as a bank we can play a major part in our communities and, as the green bank, we are a strong advocate and influencer on environmental matters. Our values Integrity – Being honest, trustworthy, consistent and transparent in all our actions and decisions. Respect – Recognising the inherent worth of every individual and treating everyone with dignity. Accountability – Being prepared to take ownership of and be held accountable for our commitments and actions. People-Centered – Investing in our people and creating an environment that empowers our people to perform distinctively and to excel. Client-Driven – Creating value and delightful experiences for our clients that exceed their expectations. We offer the following solutions through our frontline clusters, Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking, Nedbank Retail and Business Banking, Nedbank Wealth and Nedbank Africa Regions: A wide range of wholesale and retail banking services. A growing insurance, asset management and wealth management offering.

Computer science, Engineering (all fields) Information technology Data & analytics Cyber security Finance & economics Accounting Honours Postgraduate qualification in applied or pure mathematics, statistics, econometrics, engineering, financial engineering, or quantitative risk management. Other qualifications with a strong quantitative element will also be considered.

The Nedbank External Bursary Programme aims to fund academically deserving students who do not have the financial means to study fulltime towards a first undergraduate degree or diploma at a South African public university or university of technology. Bursaries are awarded to address scarce and future skill requirements in the financial sector with specific focus on Green Economy skills.

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