Nestlé East and South Africa Region need YOUth. Nestlé  is the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. Our YOUth ambition is to help 10million young people around the world to access economic opportunities by 2030.

Nestlé is seeking to help more young people out of school and into work. This includes traineeships – a key success factor in bridging the gap between school and the workplace.

The commitment by Nestlé today is part of its global youth initiative to help young people across the world develop skills and become more employable. 

Graduate Programme
Internship Programme
Nesternship Programme (virtual internship)

Our unique programs provide deep experiences for both interns and full-time employees. If you can think on your feet and speak your mind, you can help bring the power of conversation to people all over the world.

Nestlé needs YOUth equips young people with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces. Focusing on employment/employability, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship, it has a range of initiatives in different markets, for example:

Traineeship (12 months internship, 3 months virtual internship, differently abled learnership)

Nestlé Management Trainee Program is an accelerated management programme that is aimed to develop high potential individuals as future leaders.

Fresh graduates will have real immersive learning experience to equip them with a holistic view of the business as well as the interrelationships between different functions across the value chain.


With the pandemic causing internship programs to be cancelled, many young talents across the globe were confined to their homes with limited opportunities to upskill themselves. Due to this, Nestlé introduced the first regional (mainly virtual) internship program- Nesternship.

As a Nestern, you have the chance to level up your skills, gain on-the-job experience and expand your network, all from the comfort of your home.


The world is no stranger to the surging unemployment rate globally and the rate is higher among the youth. 1 in 6 Youth have stopped working since the onset of COVID 19. In India specifically, Unemployment rate @ Urban Area is still at 11.2% (CMIE). These developments are particularly detrimental to youth as their employment prospects, relative to older and experienced workers, are more sensitive to economic downturns. Since the outbreak of Covid, the total NEET % for India has been rising beyond 30%. In order to protect youth of our country and to ensure that they do not lose opportunities to develop themselves, Nestlé India launched a virtual internship programme, “Nesternship” with an intent to equip 100 students with the skills they need to thrive at workplaces and build their professional competence.


Nestlé offers bursaries to undergraduate students furthering their studies.

Differently Abled Learners

Everybody is entitled to decent work. This means equal opportunities, a living wage, prospects for development, and the freedom to express concerns, organize and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. As a major employer worldwide, we have an important role to play in providing a workplace that treats people with dignity and respect. We are also committed to offering opportunities to those who face barriers to entry. As mentioned, youth unemployment is a priority issue for Nestlé. As a major employer globally, we are in a position to provide training and skills development to help equip young differently-abled people for the workplace of the future.

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