South Africa has been home to The South African Breweries (SAB) since the company’s humble beginnings over a century ago in the midst of Johannesburg’s pioneering days of the gold rush. Our history can be traced back to Charles Glass and the Castle Brewery that he started in 1895. Glass insisted that his brewery sell only the finest beers, which were highly sought-after by the 200 pubs that had sprung up in the city at the time. That level of quality has stayed with us since the beginning.

The South African Breweries are responsible for producing some of South Africa’s most beloved beers. Some brands you may recognize are Castle Lager, Carling Black Label, Flying Fish and Brutal Fruit, to name a few.

We invest in potential, not just credentials.  We look for people with passion, curiosity, courage and resilience to make a difference and grow here.  We empower our people to solve challenges in new ways, take risks and unlock opportunities.  In an environment where hard work pays off, our people are able to deepen their impact and create a lasting legacy.

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