Big Data Analyst

Big Data Analyst A Big Data Analyst or Functional Analyst uses their ability to focus on details and patterns to analyse big data and models. They provide reports and visualizations to demonstrate insights that can be drawn from raw data, they inform decisions, and use mathematical modelling techniques to solve problems in financial markets. This …

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Data Scientist

Data Scientist A Data Scientist can also be known as a Quantitative Analyst, Advanced Analyst or Financial Engineer. The Data Scientist is a mathematician, a statistician, a computer scientist and a trend-spotter. Their models are used by organisations to make decisions about risk management, investment and pricing. They capture and analyse new sources of data, …

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Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analyst The Quantitative Analyst, or “Quant”, works in the financial field and aims to reduce risk, while generating profits.They do this by developing and implementing complex mathematical and computer models which help to predict, among other things, changes in markets, potential market risks and pricing. What is Quantitative Analyst? The Quantitative Analyst, or “Quant”, …

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