The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a leading scientific and technology research organisation that researches and develops transformative technologies to accelerate socioeconomic prosperity in South Africa. The organisation’s work contributes to industrial development and supports a capable state.

The CSIR is an entity of the ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation (DSI).

The organisation plays a key role in supporting public and private sectors through directed research that is aligned with the country’s priorities, the organisation’s mandate and its science, engineering and technology competences.

CSIR is looking for graduates with science, technology, engineering and maths qualifications. Young researchers are highly regarded at the CSIR because they represent the next generation that has the biggest role to play in transforming the science, engineering and technology skills base in South Africa. As a young scientist, the CSIR firmly believes in nurturing and developing your expertise,  ensuring that you are not only able to conduct research independently, but that you can also be a role model for other students and learners.

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