Fasken Bursaries

We evaluate potential recipients according to the following criteria:
• Degree: Only students who are enrolled in an undergraduate LLB or postgraduate LLB degree will be considered.
• Year of study: Students must in their penultimate or final year of study in the year that the bursary is awarded.
• Academic Performance: An average of 68% or higher in each of the years of study already completed.
• Financial need is not a criteria, but may be a consideration. 

Successful candidates are people who, in the opinion of the firm, have the potential to become an excellent attorney at Fasken. The candidate should be a balanced individual demonstrating the ability to work hard, leadership qualities, an interest in community issues/projects, and strong self-motivation.

Duties & Responsibilities: 
Once the recipient has graduated, he/she will be required to accept articles of clerkship with the firm, if offered. Should the recipient wish to undertake articles at another firm, they will be required to refund the total bursary amount to the firm.

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