Graduate Management Consultant

Region: Gauteng

Degree/Discipline: Mathematical sciences (including computer science, data science, mathematics etc)

Opportunity type: Graduate Opportunity


What better way to kick start your career with IQbusiness, a Proudly South African management consulting firm focused on growing people and business in South Africa?  

Our programme is designed to allow enthusiastic graduates with a passion for quantitative analytics, the opportunity to hone their strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. Successful graduates will be able to share insights through analytics and build and develop various predictive models to help inform certain behaviours.  

Learning with occur through various forms of consulting training and exposure to projects both internal and external engagements. Through our program you will be supported in your growth and learning by engaging in practical experience, tool and technology exposure and current forms of educational training.  

Minimum Requirements 

  • Must hold a degree in Actuarial Science, Data Science, Mathematics or Statistics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Advanced Analytics, Pure Mathematics OR any other any other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related degree 
  • Completed undergraduate Tertiary Qualification 
  • Ability to the travel locally between IQbusiness and our clients, if required 

Our Expectations: 

IQbusiness is different, we walk differently, we talk differently, we even look different, but that’s what makes us unique. We’re our own kind of genuine and we expect to see how genuine you are.  

If you become part of IQbusiness these are some of our expectations.  

  1. Get involved 
  2. IQbusiness is more than just a business, it’s about making a difference within the IQbusiness community but also externally to everyone we interact with.   
  3. Be part of the bigger picture, attend workshops and bootcamps, go the extra mile and join an initiative, put yourself out there to create a name for yourself.  
  4. Gain exposure  
  5. There are many opportunities to get involved across projects and environments within IQbusiness. The more exposure one obtains the better the journey of upskilling and understanding will be. Look for the below areas to advance. 
  6. Client project – Shadowing and/or supervised project delivery. Learning and applying specific methods, tools and techniques to help deliver on a project to a client.   
  7. Internal Project/Support – Engage internally to IQbusiness and learn how the business functions. Assist and add value to help in attaining the strategic 
  8. Goals. Support in the day to day by always being open to a learning experience.  
  9. Cross Functional – Diversify your knowledge and skills by engaging and learning across environments and projects. Show adaptability and impetus by taking on different projects and be able to show resolve in finding a solution.  
  10. Be the best version of yourself 
  11. We want you to be you!! With the key values of IQbusiness in mind, we want each individual to pave their path and grow within IQbusiness.  
  12. Collaborate, share and learn from one another and across the business. Show passion and curiosity to learn and develop new skills, but also hone older ones.  
  13. Be caring and supportive by putting up a hand to lend a hand and understand that not all being done will change the world, but it may just help someone for that day.   
  14. Be adaptable and resilient in smaller more monotonous pieces of work, knowing that as you develop the bigger more extravagant projects will come. 

The next internship programme will run from January 2022 to January 2023 and online applications will open on 1 June 2021 and close on 31 August 2021.  

To learn more about our exciting programme or to apply to the programme visit our website:   

 Please note: As all IQbusiness roles require honesty in the handling of or access to cash, finances, financial systems or confidential information; our recruitment process requires that the following background checks be completed: credit, criminal, ID and qualification verification

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