At Inizio Medical we create compelling content and engage communities across the spectrum of healthcare. We advance scientific understanding and pioneer new ways of partnership in an industry that trusts us to take on challenges and break from convention.

Underpinned by advanced medical analytics capabilities, applied AI tools and multi-dimensional insights, we are united on a vision to not only lead, but to define the future of medical in drug development and commercialization.

Inizio Medical agencies include ApotheCom, Ashfield MedComms and Nucleus Global. Our Specialized Services include MEDiSTRAVA and MedEvoke.

Inizio Medical has been building a team in South Africa and as of today we have 70 medical writers working for us across the country.

We are hiring folks with academic backgrounds in biomedical sciences, preferably those with MSc and PhD level qualifications.

We offer the opportunity to work on impactful global projects in collaboration with world-leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We can employee people remotely across South Africa and also have office space in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

How to apply

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