KPMG is a professional services firm that specialises in Audit, Tax & Advisory. Where disruptive technologies are embraced, and collaboration is a way of life!

Our Purpose is to Inspire Confidence and Empower Change. We firmly believe that our purpose is not just how we energise and engage our people – it’s how we operate in the marketplace and society at large.

Our culture is a place where colleagues become like family, where the work becomes a passion, and where our people can grow and develop through a collaborative and supportive environment. This is KPMG.

Being part of KPMG means being part of a community of talented people with incredibly diverse backgrounds.

Are you an innovative, young and dynamic aspiring Graduate? Are you looking for exposure to multinational clients and gaining global experience while working alongside cutting edge technology?

If so, then KPMG is the ideal place to build your career!

Your opportunities include:

  • External Audit (including the Chartered Accountant Advisory Programme);
  • Deal Advisory;
  • Tech Assurance;
  • Digital Consulting;
  • Financial Risk Management;
  • Internal Audit Risk & Compliance;
  • Tax

We are the clear choice. Trusted and trustworthy!

Applications are now open :

We offer external audit bursaries to students in financial need as well as in recognition of their exceptional academic performance. Email:

Vacation work at KPMG is an extraordinary opportunity to experience a leading corporate environment firsthand.

Our programmes are designed to give you maximum exposure to real work situations and challenges, while getting to know KPMG’s culture. 

We offer several exciting and challenging opportunities for students who want to become Chartered Accountants.
KPMG offers three levels of vac work opportunities of between one and four weeks in length. Each vacation work programme is designed to meet your needs at a specific level during your studies.

Closing date: Seasonal, please keep an eye on our website  for opening and closing details

Latest Opportunities

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How to apply

Graduate recruitment is an ongoing process and runs throughout each year. Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.


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