Company profile

Genesis Analytics is the largest African-based economics consultancy with offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, and London; and our purpose is to unlock value in Africa.

We use our analytical capabilities to improve decision-making and, through better decisions, unlock substantial value for our clients and society. While the core of Genesis is to use economic tools and frameworks, some of our most impressive work has been at the intersection of economics and wider disciplines. The use and application of these techniques help us to achieve clarity for decision-makers.

We are an African firm with deep roots in the continent, yet we are globally active and competitive. Genesis has now worked in 41 countries in Africa and 13 countries globally. We have dedicated our work over the next decade to the three forces that we believe are reshaping our continent: the demographic transition, climate change, and technology innovation. How we respond to these forces will determine our prospects as a region.

Genesis helps countries, firms and organisations shape and deliver smart responses. Given our purpose of unlocking value in Africa, we provide solutions rather than smart answers. We combine cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary expertise with rigorous analysis and a deep contextual understanding of the African continent. This allows us to deliver bespoke solutions to complex problems.

What are we looking for?

At Genesis, we look for curious minds with new ways of seeing the world and extrapolating empirical data in inspiring ways. If you see potential where others see problems, you might be who we are looking for. Our ideal candidates are passionate, self-motivated, energetic and driven problem-solvers.

On an annual basis, we recruit a group of recently qualified graduates to assume roles as analysts. We predominantly look for candidates who are in the process of completing Master's degrees in Economics or affiliated qualifications, but also welcome exceptional candidates at an Honours level. In addition, and as we have a Health team that provides experts with decades of experience in health programmes, we also look for candidates that would have studied postgraduate qualifications in the fields of Public Health, Health Economics, Epidemiology, Demography and Statistics, and Research Psychology.

How to apply

The African round of recruitment will commence in April through to July of 2020.  Please visit the careers page on the Genesis website to learn more and apply online. Please note that we do not accept applications sent by email.  Rather, all applications must be done online and on the Genesis website.



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Closing date : 2020-05-08

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Bursary details

The recruitment process for the Genesis Educational Foundation Trust bursary will run from August - September 2020.  Please visit the bursary page of the Genesis website to learn more and as it is updated from time to time. The closing date for bursaries will be announced closer to the time.

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