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Company profile

Investec is an international, specialist bank and asset manager that provides a diverse range of financial products and services to a niche client base.


What are we looking for?

Investec seeks out dynamic, energetic candidates driven by tenacity, integrity and Out of the Ordinary thinking.  In pursuit of the growth of our business, diversity, competency and flexible leadership are always highly regarded.


How to apply

Online Application

Apply online

Closing date : 2020-12-31

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Bursary details

Our CSI strategy is aimed at facilitating the empowerment of talented individuals within a defined continuum of interventions including bursaries and other programmes through school and university to the workplace, so that they may realise their potential.
If you want to study towards a CA(SA) or an IT degree, applying for a full scholarship through Investec may be one of your smartest moves yet. The award of our scholarships is based on merit and not financial need.

Bursary closing date : 2020-09-30

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Work experience details

Investec’s Exposure Programme has been designed to provide you with a realistic view of the career path you’re planning to take.
Guiding your way
If you are a final year university student who would like a taste of the working world, our exposure programmes will help light your career path ahead. 

Pathfinder: January 2019


Navigate: June 2018




Work experience closing date : 2020-03-31

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