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Company profile

KPMG is a professional services firm that specialises in Audit,Tax & Advisory.Where disruptive technologies are embraced,and collaboration is a way of life!

Our Purpose is to Inspire Confidence and Empower Change. We firmly believe that our purpose in not just how we energise and engage our people – it’s how we operate in the marketplace and society at large.

You may know us best because our organization audits many of the largest companies in the world. But you may be surprised by our scale and the range of services we provide to clients. From our Tax services where we help clients transform business models or advise on cross-border tax issues, to our Advisory practice where we have helped reshape healthcare systems, led cyber-security projects and helped organizations take advantage of new market opportunities. Wherever you decide to work, you are guaranteed unlimited opportunities to be at the heart of business, positively impact society and fulfil your potential.

What are we looking for?

We have the following graduate vacancies:

Training Contracts, Articles (CA Stream)

Deal Advisory, Junior Analyst (Agriculture, Environmental and related studies)

Financial Risk Management: Junior Consultant (Mathematical Sciences, including Computer Science, Data Science and Maths)

Tech Assurance Graduate Programme, (BSc Computer Science / Information Technology / Information Systems / Data Science, BCom Information Systems (IS) / Informatics / Computer Science, BBusSc. Computer Science / Information Technology, BSc Applied Mathematics & Computer Science / Actuarial Science, BSc / BEng Mechanical Engineering (with IT/IS modules), Degree in Business Mathematics and Informatics).

Internal Audit Graduate Programme, (Accounting, Business Management, Marketing)

Digital Consulting, Graduate Programme (Engineering degrees (Industrial, Mechanical and Electrical and Information, BCom Mathematics, BSc / BEng Mechanical Engineering (with IT/IS modules), BSc Mathematical Statistics, BSc Mathematical Sciences / Mathematics and Economics)


How to apply

Graduate recruitment is an ongoing process and runs from January to November of each year. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.

Apply online

Closing date : 2020-09-30

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Work experience details

Vacation work at KPMG is an extraordinary opportunity to experience a leading corporate environment first hand.
Our programmes are designed to give you maximum exposure to real work situations and challenges, while getting to know KPMG’s culture.  
We offer several exciting and challenging opportunities for students who want to become Chartered Accountants.
KPMG offers three vac work opportunities of between one and four weeks' length. Each vacation work programme is designed to meet your needs at a specific level in your career. 


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