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Established in 1911, the Public Investment Corporation (SOC) Limited is one of the largest investment managers in Africa today, managing assets of over R2 trillion and still growing. The PIC, a registered financial services provider, is wholly owned by the South African Government, with the Minister of Finance as shareholder representative.

The PIC runs a diversified investment portfolio, which comprise of multiple asset classes. These include listed equities, real estate, capital market, private equity and impact investing. Through listed investments, the PIC controls over 10% of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and has direct and indirect exposure to almost all sectors of the South African economy. The Corporation has a mandate to invest in the rest of the African continent and beyond. Over and above generating financial returns for clients, through its impact-investing programme, the PIC seeks to generate social returns by investing in projects that ensure inclusive growth. The PIC supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and considers environmental, social and governance issues in all its investments.  

Degreed graduates or students studying towards an under/post graduate qualification with interest in at least one of the following areas:

  • Company Secretariat
  • Corporate Affairs & Services
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Impact Investing
  • Information Technology
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal Counsel Governance & Compliance
  • Listed Investments
  • Private Equity
  • Properties
  • Research and Projects Development
  • Risk and Compliance Management

The Public Investment Corporation SOC Ltd (PIC) is passionate about contributing to the community in which it operates. Improving the lives of people across the board is at the heart of the PIC’s value system. The PIC has a bursary programme that identifies previously disadvantaged learners from designated groups with academic potential who want to study. Candidates that show an innovative business potential that can prove they need financial support will be considered for these bursaries. For more information on our Bursary criteria please click on the link.

You will be given an opportunity to learn and work in the PIC during the winter (June) and summer (December) three week recess. Each student works under the supervision of a dedicated mentor and partnered with a PIC Graduate buddy. The interns are assigned to a division, based on their qualifications and career aspirations, and exposed to various competency based roles working on projects designed by the divisions.

How to apply

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