Transaction Capital actively identifies and invests in alternative asset classes, in which our best-in-class technology, proprietary data and analytics capabilities enable us to generate outstanding returns. This extends to operating unique, high-potential businesses in market sectors where historically low levels of stakeholder trust provide compelling opportunities for disruption. We partner with expert, entrepreneurial and co-invested management teams to scale, grow and position these highly specialised, digitally advantaged, and vertically integrated businesses to offer market-leading value propositions.

The Transaction Capital group’s diversified businesses are strategically relevant, operationally resilient and robustly governed, which underpin their ability to respond effectively and ethically to complex market dynamics. As trusted partners, they support their clients’ commercial viability and collaborate with their stakeholders to drive meaningful, long-term socioeconomic impact. This enhances their growth, risk and sustainability profiles and secures the group’s ability to consistently deliver exceptional shared value outcomes.

At Transaction Capital we are looking for unconventional thinkers; individuals that are driven, dynamic, and have an entrepreneurial flair. Our culture supports our employees by pushing them to achieve their full potential through providing opportunities for both upward and lateral growth. Commitment, high-quality leadership and performance are rewarded with an intellectually stimulating environment and a competitive compensation structure. We pride ourselves in hiring talent that seeks potential and amplifies opportunity.

Our core values of excellence, partnership, ownership, entrepreneurship and integrity support this vision. If you are willing to problem-solve in unconventional ways, then we’d love to explore ways in which we can have you as part of the team.

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